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(Strictly Stargate SG-1, unabashedly slash, exclusively Jack/Daniel)
Cover by Biblio

In Our Hearts: A Memorial Zine for Chance

Shawna Charlynn Burkovich


03 July 1979 – 19 March 2006


As hard as it is still to believe, a year ago the Stargate fandom suddenly, tragically, unexpectedly lost one of  it’s brightest lights, the world, one of it’s finest human souls, and all of us who were privileged to know her, we lost a great friend.  Gone, but most emphatically not forgotten.  Chance, we’ve gathered here to thank you for everything, and to celebrate the wonderful, but too short life you shared so selflessly with all of us.  Those of you who’ve come to this place, I hope you enjoy the heartfelt tributes that follow.  And, in closing, if I could ask one favour of everyone perusing these pages, if you would, this March 19th , light a candle for our friend.  Remember her here too, as well:



  Okay, I know, that’s two favours.  Hey, it’s for Chance, she’d do it for you!

This zine features graphics by Saladscream, Penthesilia, Marcia, PhoenixE as well as showcasing many of Chance's well-known and loved images, all gathered in this humble tribute.  Cover by Biblio,  And the stories, well, check out this line-up!

The Stories


After the Serpent  by   Seanchaidh  

Jack and Daniel.  Pre slash.  Season 2 Episode Tag for Serpent’s Grasp.  Spoilers for same.

Rating:  PG-13

Daniel has returned to SG-1, alive and well, and Jack finds himself wanting to be more than friends…

An SG-1 Christmas Story by Chance

Jack/Daniel, Sam/Janet, Slash, Holiday fic, Established Relationship. Any episode, Season No spoilers

Rating: G

The title pretty much says it all.

And Then He Kissed Me by Penthesilia 

Jack/Daniel. Smarm, Humour, First Person POV, Any Season, no spoilers.

Rating: M

Notes:  Thanks to Pepe for the beta and for the original idea when I couldn’t come up with one of my own. Big smooches to my pal, Jodi, for her help and encouragement and also for her input once again and for putting up with my constant self-deprecation. 

 I think the title gives us a good idea. LOL!

Just You and Me by Saladscream  

Jack/Daniel, First Time, Romance, Daniel’s POV.  Not Season-Specific, No Spoilers

Rating: R

Warnings: First Time. Romance. Daniel’s POV. Language.

Notes: For Chance. Sweet, sappy and fluffy – I hope you’ll like it, hon. Many many thanks to Pepe, who gave the idea for this fic and beta’ed it, and to PhoenixE for the additional beta! All remaining mistakes are entirely mine.

Daniel’s wish comes true, but not quite the way he expected, though.

The Sound of One Cricket Chirping by Carlyn  

Jack/Daniel friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Angst.  Season 7, no spoilers

Rating:  R

Warnings:  Intense emotional situations and images.

Notes:  My thanks, as usual, to my awesome alpha/beta Snarky.

After Daniel is badly injured in an off-world incident, Jack makes a decision.  Daniel disagrees.

Second Chance  by Penthesilia

Jack/Daniel, Angst, Emotional, Season Nine

Episodes/Spoilers: Mention of parts from The Movie, Shades Of Grey, Meridian (blink and you'll miss it), Origin. 

Rating: PG

Notes:  Thanks to Saladscream for the zippy beta and for her constant support. Big thanks to my pal, Jodi, for her help and encouragement and also for her input when I needed it because my head was too frazzled from study. And again to Phoenix for accepting my little story.

Jack comes for a flying visit. Will he decide to do the right thing or make the same mistake again?

Many faces, One Man   a poem by Anno   

The Reason by Chance

Jack Daniel Romance, any season, no spoilers.

Rating:   PG

Daniel’s thoughts in his journal after Sam asks a question.

Swapping  by Jillie 

Jack/Daniel, Established Relationship, Humour, Missing Scene for Citizen Joe.  Season 8, Spoilers for Citizen Joe.

Rating:  PG

Jack and Daniel discover Joe knows a lot more about their relationship than he should be telling…

Going Down  by   PhoenixE 

 Jack/Daniel Angst.  First Time, Humour,  Season? Pick one after 3.  No spoilers.

Rating:  R

Warnings:   Language.  Skin.  Lots and lots of skin.

Notes:  This story started as a monthly challenge response issued on Pepe’s list a looooong time ago.  A number of story titles were offered up for our taking.  I chose ‘Going Down’.  The story took me ages to finish, way past the deadline for the challenge submission.  Soooo, here it is, for what it’s worth!

Jack and Daniel go head to head on the playing field in an alien arena.  One of them is going down!

The Devil’s Dictionary by Ambroisia Fierce

Contact addy not supplied by author.  She didn’t cough up a summary either, just threw the dictionary in my in-box and ran away giggling.   It speaks for itself, enjoy!  All accompanying graphics by Ms Fierce as well, wherever she is.

Security Issues by Rowan

Daniel/Janet, Humour and the tiniest bit of Romance.

Season: Nothing specific, but sometime after Thor makes an appearance.  No spoilers.

Rating: PG – only because of a couple of swear words and I don’t know the ‘ratings’ worldwide so I’m leaning to the safe side here.

Warnings: None, really.  Unless you object to a kiss and a couple of swear words.

Author's Notes: This piece is written for tenchi_saz (Saz) as part of the Dan/Jan List Fic-a-thon and by her request includes the following plot devices.

1. A lock in

2. Humor

3. The phrase "That's not how you put it in there."

4. Kiss

And no, the abbreviation ‘TMI’ is not some obscure military acronym, it stands for ‘Too Much Information’ – the sort of thing that, after you’ve heard it, you really wish you hadn’t.  

(Editor’s further notes:  Yeah, Okay, I know this is a Jack/Daniel anthology, and we all know Daniel belongs to Jack and ahem, vice versa, but, we miss Janet too, and if Jack is willing to loan him out for a couple of pages, well, who am I to say no!  Janet has promised she will return him in excellent condition as soon as she’s done.  Janet?  Janet!  Put the archaeologist down!  Janet!  No, I’m sorry, you have to give him back.  Sigh.  Excuse me…)

Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed.  Or so it seems at the time .

What I Have to Do by Cimmie

J/D, First Time

Rating:   PG-13?

Notes:    Thank you to Edna for the quick alpha and to Berty for a stupendous beta tackling all my tense issues and PhoenixE for a final beta

Jack finally does what he has to do.

Moments by Chance 

Jack/Daniel, PWP, First Time No season, no spoilers

Rating: NC-17

Editor’s note:  And here we are, the last story, this one also by Chance.  In order to make this zine more…accessible to everyone who might want to read it, although it is slash, I put a ratings ‘cap’ on the contributions, nothing straying into NC-17 territory.  This story is the one and only exception to the rule.  It’s a tasty little tale, and definitely…graphic.  Just so you know….

Jack finally makes a move.

About the zine

  • Single column 12 point Book Antiqua font.  194 pages, 57,375 words, over 30 full colour illustrations.  Cover by Biblio.
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