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All Talk, Much Reaction

 The Morning After the Sight Before
Two friends who had designs on a certain pair of men make a shocking discovery said men are more than friends. Disappointment ensues, and much commiseration.  Alcohol is definitely involved

Four's A Crowd
Sam and Janet embark on their covert mission with unanticipated results.  Sequel to 'The Morning After the Sight Before'.

The classic Alternate Universe epic.

SG-1 returns from an aborted mission and it is business as usual. Or is it?
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Strange Beloved
The Alternate Universe SG-1 bring the Doppelganger home

Companion piece to 'Strange Beloved'. Daniel's rescue and homecoming from his perspective.

Daniel returns to active duty and Jack discovers he has a big problem.....

Companion piece to 'Distraction'. Daniel's thoughts on the eve of his return to active duty as well as what follows when he goes through the gate.

Not Forgotten
There are some things which even death cannot extinguish....

Daniel gets hot, Jack gets bothered, the lawn wonders what it ever did to get into the middle of this.....

Heated words lead to...heat.

Pure of Heart
There is no such thing as absolute evil - or good. Somewhere between the extremes lies the truth.
Warning: this story contains scenes of non-consensual sex.

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Part Nine

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Part Thirteen
59 - 63

Part Seventeen
74 tbc

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Part Six
26 - 30

Part Ten
46 - 49

Part Fourteen
64 - 67

Part Three
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Part Seven
31 - 35

Part Eleven
50 - 53

Part Fifteen
68 - 70

Part Four
16 - 20

Part Eight
36 - 41

Part Twelve
54 - 58

Part Sixteen
71 - 73 

Work in Progress: a link to the latest part will appear below.
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Damage Control

Anything But The Truth
The reason for Jack's hostility is revealed after a confrontation.

All I Ever Wanted
Daniel deals with the aftermath of the off world incident and contemplates his future.

No One But You
Jack faces the most important decision of his life.


 While I Wasn't Looking
An incident.  Bad Argument.  Now Jack thinks it's OVER.

 Not Without Me
Same incident.  Same Argument.  Daniel makes a discovery and some future plans.

Holiday Follies

 The Luck O' The Irish 
Blame it on the beer!

April's Fools
It's April Fools' Day and who's foolin' whom?

Easter Egos
While Sam's away the boys will play, but is she really gone?

Strange Days
Sam tries to be 'one of the boys'.

Blind date, barbeques and breasts, oh my!

Nocturnal Admissions

 Warm Fuzzies
Daniel, Jack, jammies, together, in a bed, in the dark. Need me to draw a picture for you?

 What's Yours is Mine
Jack and Daniel, in the dark, in bed, once again, jammies definitely figuring into it, sorry about the visual aids, still can't draw.

 Bedside Matters
Jack and Daniel, nice, soft lighting, only one of them in bed this time but you know the other one is not far away, some entirely gratuitous jammies not to mention a certain derriere plus bare feet. Saving up for drawing lessons but don't hold your breath.

Wild Side

Missing Link 
A desperate midnight rescue.

 Primal Directive
Another Perspective of the events of Missing Link


Standalone Stories

Convinced he's done terrible things to warrant his 'decesenscion', Daniel confesses to Jack he's afraid to remember.

A Man Most Unfortunate
A kiss witnessed through the quantum mirror convinces Daniel he is keeping Jack from his 'true love'.  Jack is determined to convince him otherwise.

Back Up 
All song, all dance, all talk.  Sam finally makes her move.

A confession leads to a revelation.

Boys Will Be Boys
Jack and Daniel at play. They be boys, so they play rough  

But For The One
t's complicated.  The link will take you to the Story Notes page where all will be explained.          

Peril, salvation, uncertainty, conflict, life, love and a pact.
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 Daniel Doesn't Smile
Daniel doesn't smile - much... but when he does...

Daniel Ex Machina
Is Daniel going insane...again?
| Part One | Part Two |

Jack awakens in an offworld hospital to find himself alone, abandoned and presumed dead, and up to his neck in msytery and intrigue.  
| Part One | Part Two |

Desperate events evoke desperate emotions.
|Part One |Part Two |

Jack goes fishing.  Daniel reels him in.

Focal Point
Desperation, darkness, Daniel and the colour brown.

Going Down
Jack and Daniel go head to head on the playing field in an alien arena.  One of them is going down!
| Part One  |   Part Two | Part Three |

Good Intentions
After ten days offworld Daniel is returning to the SGC, eagerly anticipating his reunion with Jack.  He's in for a hot time, or so he thinks....

Heard in Passing
Jack eavesdrops and gets an earful.

Hide and Seek
A day in paradise suddenly turns into a nightmare as Jack struggles to save Daniel from an evil influence from his past.
| Part One |  Part Two | Part Three | Part Four |

Six months ago Daniel disappeared. Against all odds SG-1 have found him and Jack must face the truth of his darkest desires and his fears he was responsible for driving Daniel away.

The arrival of the Harsesis child causes both Jack and Daniel to see themselves - and each other  - in a completely different light.  Written with Biblio
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Even when she seems the cruelest, Fate can be an unexpected friend.

A tangled tapestry of events bring Jack and Daniel to a moment of truth.

Last Refuge
Daniel contemplates Jack, life, love and why he has issues with three little words.

Leap Of Faith
Jack and Daniel are poised on the edge.  Written with Biblio.

Two lovers come full circle.

One Too Many
Alcohol, a huge confession, an even bigger misunderstanding.

O'Neill Ascendant
Daniel has come back for Jack and he's not taking NO! for an answer.

 Past Dues
On the evening before his birthday Daniel makes a life-changing decsions.  And then Jack happens.

 Q & A 
The Light revisited.  Jack has some questions.  Daniel has the answers.

Something in Common
Becoming aware things have changed for two of her team mates causes Sam to contemplate making a few changes of her own.

Starry Night
A gentle, sensual, lightly humorous, slightly irreverent (it is Jack's POV, after all) tale of the aftermath of near loss resulting in a revelation beneath the stars.

The Soul's Desire
Jack and Daniel receive a very special Christmas gift.
(My very first Christmas story!)

The Right Thing 
A quiet evening Chez O'Neill, just another 'guys' night' for Jack and Daniel, that is until...

With Jack near death and all pretence stripped away, will he and Daniel admit at last they're on the same path and move on together?  Written with Biblio.

Variegated Grey
Shades of Grey as experienced from the viewpoint of one of the members of SG-1 who was kept in the dark.
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Worst Nightmare
Jack and Daniel have a date.  Complications ensue.  Naturally.


Commanding Daniel
A Top Secret SGC Memorandum in which Colonel Jack O'Neill shares his experiences of commanding Doctor Daniel Jackson in the field (or anywhere else for that matter).  Written with Biblio.

Commanding Daniel: A Rebuttal
Colonel O'Neill's Top Secret Memorandum regrettably fell into enemy hands.  Collusion is suspected.  Doctor Daniel Jackson has penned a vigorous and articulate point by point rebuttal.  Written with Biblio.

Um ~ about Jack
Transcript of SGC Security covert surveillance operation 'Spacemonkey'  Written with Biblio.

Altered States
Jack gets tired of waiting on a certain errant archaeologist and makes an alarming discovery at the end of his quest.

Blind Spot
A tag for Enemies.  Daniel has a little more to say after Jack tells him his best wasn't good enough.

Blood Ties
What happens after SG-1 returns from Abydos after the events in 'Secrets': Jack has a crisis of conscience which leads him to an important decision. Can Daniel help him find what he has lost?

 Humble Beginnings
Jack and Daniel have a Hallmark moment

Last Laugh
Daniel is feeling blue and it's Jack's fault.

 That's Just Jack
Jack is critically wounded.  Daniel is at his side.  His thoughts, as he waits.

Unaccustomed Grace
An ailing Daniel receives a visitor, much to his chagrin.  An early days tale of the beginnings of a legendary friendship.

What's in a Name?
Response to First Person Challenge. A little experiment with the first person. The title says it all.....

 Written in Stone
Daniel reflects on the personal cost of his journey and learns an important truth.

Conquering Need

Unfinished Business
Jack discovers that Daniel has a secret. The consequences of this revelation are more serious than he had anticipated.

Interlude: Daniel
Daniel begins a new life.

Interlude: Jack
Jack tries to face a situation he doesn't want to be in.

While Daniel is away, Jack explores.


Daniel comes home, to discover that Jack holds the key...
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