Slash: Jack and Daniel involved in a loving and committed relationship, which usually involves sex.
Rating: PG
Category: Slash / Established Relationship
Season/Spoilers: None
Synopsis: Jack's thoughts on what makes his life at the SGC worthwhile
Warnings: None
Length: 3 Kb

To the observer it would appear that I'm paying rapt attention to Daniel's diatribe about the cultural cross pollination of whatever planet we're going to 'gate to within the next twenty-four hours. They're right, I am paying attention. Yup. I'm totally focused on his ass.

And I have a front row seat. See, people believe I take the first seat at the table based on seniority. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. I take this seat because I have an unobstructed view of Daniel when he makes his presentation to Hammond. This presentation -- any presentation. The guy can't figure out how to stay in his seat and be passionate. He needs to be up and moving around. Constant motion. Me? I think this is definitely one of Daniel's better personality traits, especially when we're having sex because the Energizer Bunny manages to hit each and every one of my ... how should I put it ... pressure points, with his action.

My doodling on the notepad right in front of me turns to abstract images of penises which, thankfully, no one but myself can decipher. I concentrate on my scribblings until Teal'c kicks me under the table. Damn him, hate the black and blue his boots leave, as well as having to explain to Fraiser the number of bruises I have on my shin on a weekly basis. It's bad enough that the woman continues to run blood tests just to make sure I'm not bleeding internally. I feel the whoosh and his boot passes by my calf in warning and I drop my pen. I force a tight smile of surrender in his direction.

Where was I? Oh yeah, ass. The one I was up close and personal with less than ten hours ago. I check my watch and ignore Carter's raised eyebrows. She is totally misreading what I'm doing. She thinks her commanding officer is bored and wondering how much longer the archeologist is going to speak. She's one hundred percent wrong, because what I'm doing is giving myself a visual reminder of how time flies when you're having fun, thinking bed, naked Daniel, and a sigh of frustration bursts forth. A loud sigh. Noisy enough to attract the General's attention and Daniel's. The two men slap on expressions of annoyance and I feign innocence with a shrug of my shoulders. To the General I apologize with a silent "sorry" which he accepts with a nod of his head. I refuse to look at Daniel, but those eyes are boring a hole into my brain. The Goa'uld's ribbon device cannot even hold a candle to Daniel's 'you'll be paying for it' look when I wrong him, which according to the other members of my team and the majority of the SGC, is on a daily basis.

Again Teal'c kicks me under the table for my supposed transgression and my 2IC just shakes her head. Let them think Daniel's the innocent and I'm the big, bad evil Colonel. They can think whatever they want. as long as I don't lose my place at the briefing room table.


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