Slash: Jack and Daniel involved in a loving and committed relationship, which usually involves sex.
Rating: PG13
Category: Established Relationship, Angst
Season/Spoilers: Absolute Power (blink and you might miss it though)
Synopsis: Nightime meanderings
Warnings: None
Length: 3 Kb

Garbage in, garbage out. Sometimes the only thing dreams teach are the horrors that life has dealt him. Panting heavily into the darkness of the bedroom, Daniel allowed his body to acclimate to the realization that the images were just a dream. As his breathing slowed, frightening visions of blood and death faded back to the corners of the bedroom.

Monsters by the name of Goa'uld slithered under the bed, and padded rooms with judgmental friends were locked into the closet. Pain sticks, ribbon devices, guns ... weapons that were meant to hurt and kill, weapons that belonged to aliens of other worlds and to the more unscrupulous inhabitants of planet Earth, were hidden away in dresser drawers. Hundreds of scenarios, thousands of players, all triggered by stressful missions or by peaceful days, always waiting in the wings for the witching hour to come out and play.

"'K, Daniel?"

Daniel slid backward into the open, expectant arms of Jack O'Neill. "Fine." He shivered as gentle breaths and even gentler kisses fell like rain onto the damp nape of his neck. "Fine," Daniel reiterated softly, slowly rubbing his ass across Jack's groin, smiling now in the darkness as the kisses increased in pressure and moved to Daniel's shoulder.

Daniel reveled in the heat of Jack's erection, confirmation that the man who held him in the darkness was indeed alive, and not lost in Daniel's dream world. Daniel allowed himself a small whimper as Jack's hand snaked around the bindings of his boxers and callused fingers wrapped themselves around Daniel's engorged cock. Daniel laid his hand atop Jack's. "Wait." He slid off his boxers and turned to face Jack, his hands finding purchase and gently tugging off his lover's boxers.

Jack groaned as Daniel wrapped his leg around Jack's and pulled the man closer, gliding his cock seductively along Jack's shaft. "Love you," was Jack's hoarse response as Daniel fingered Jack's heavy balls, keeping up the friction between the two men. Like in the beginning, before penetration sex and before lube, when love was expressed in simple touch and words. Groundwork for what was to be.

Tonight in the darkness, Daniel and Jack journeyed back to the beginning. Remembering the joy of self stimulation and discovery of what pleasured the other man. In the moment right after orgasm, as Daniel lay filled with warmth, he realized that dreams do teach. It is all a matter of interpretation and of what awaits you when you awake from them.


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