:: And They Say Romance is Dead ::

And They Say Romance is Dead
The real skinny on first times.

:: The Anchor Holds ::

The Anchor Holds
What would happen if the guys were found out? This is a worst-case scenario.

:: Birthday Rules ::

Birthday Rules
Happy Birthday, Daniel.

:: Breaking Bread ::

Breaking Bread
Jack's idea of bonding... the team that dines together, stays together.

:: Breathless ::

Jack and Daniel find that living together is more difficult than they imagined.

:: Burden of Command ::

Burden of Command
Jack feels the burden of his responsibilities.

:: Daniel Jackson, Action Hero ::

Daniel Jackson, Action Hero
Jack and Daniel's relationship is affecting their work and Jack decides it's time to do something about it.

:: Complications ::

Jack plays baseball for a living and finds something completely unexpected as he contemplates retirement.

:: Day by Day ::

Day by Day
Since Daniel's return, Jack's worry knows no bounds.

:: Job Satisfaction ::

Job Satisfaction
Jack really likes his job.

:: The More Things Change... ::

The More Things Change...
Daniel thinks Jack would make a great president, except for one pesky detail.

:: Perfect Love ::

Perfect Love
Daniel suffers from Jack's mistake.

:: Random Act ::

Random Act
Daniel has a difficult time accepting the outcome of a mission gone wrong

:: The Right Stuff ::

The Right Stuff
Jack and Daniel ponder the age old question... my place or yours?

:: Thanks Be to the Ancestors ::

Thanks Be to the Ancestors
Jack's secret past of the time spent on Edora comes back to haunt him and threatens his relationship with Daniel.

:: The Things We Do for Love ::

The Things We Do for Love
Jack rescues Daniel's favorite sweater, you all know the one.

:: A Time for Truth ::

A Time for Truth
In this AU Charlie is alive. He accidentally shot himself with Jack's gun, but recovered. Sara and Jack divorced after the accident and Jack is now in an established relationship with Daniel.

:: Tough Love ::

Tough Love
Will Jack be capable of carrying out Fraiser's order to give Daniel a little tough love in order to speed up his recovery?

:: Trust ::

Daniel deals with his trust issues.




:: When Love Hurts ::

When Love Hurts
Jack's inability to express his feelings leads Daniel down a path of heartache and self discovery. Formerly a zine story.

 :: Heroes and Friends ::

Heroes and Friends
ack's world gets rocked when an old friend's son joins the SGC. Formerly a zine story.




:: Dream Team ::

Dream Team
SG-1 from a newbie Airman's POV.

: Find of A Lifetime ::

Find of A Lifetime
In this AU Jack is working as a security guard in the New York Museum of Art in an effort to avoid dealing with the death of his son. His quiet world is disrupted when two archaeologists come into town to set up a new exhibit.  Co-authored with sami-j.

: Game On ::

Game On
A glimpse into Jack's morning routine.

: Much Abides ::

Much Abides
In this AU Jack and Sara are married, Charlie is alive and Daniel is the foster child who turns their lives and the Stargate Program upside down.  Co-authored with sami-j.

And Not To Yield
This story is set in the Much Abides universe where Jack and Sara are still married, Charlie is alive, and ten year old Daniel Jackson has joined the O'Neill household.  This story picks up where "Much Abides" left off and covers the continuing struggles of the O'Neills, and Daniel Jackson, to blend as a family, but in this installment, the action and adventure of the beginnings of the Stargate program takes center stage and is explored "Little Daniel" style. Co-authored with sami-j.

That Which We Are
“That Which We Are” is the third story set in the Much Abides universe, where Jack and Sara are still married, Charlie is alive, and ten (now eleven) year old Daniel Jackson has joined the O’Neill household. This story continues the events of the previous fics and focuses on the difficulties of Daniel settling in with the O’Neill family while also exploring the early development of Stargate Command, with all its accompanying trials and tribulations.

Heaven and Earth

is the fourth story set in the Much Abides universe, where Jack and Sara are still married, Charlie is alive, and ten (now eleven) year old Daniel Jackson has joined the O’Neill household. This story picks up where the previous fics left off and winds up certain outstanding issues on both the home and SGC fronts.

Time and Fate
“Time and Fate” is the fifth story set in the Much Abides universe, where Jack and Sara are still married, Charlie is alive and Daniel Jackson has become part of the O’Neill family. Over four years have passed. Daniel and Charlie are teenagers now… batten down the hatches!


:: There Is A Season ::

There is a Season
An AU in which Jack fosters a ten-year-old Daniel. The story follows the first year of their lives together as they struggle to overcome past losses and forge a new beginning. Co-authored with Kalimyre.

Christmas Day
Jack and Daniel celebrate their first Christmas together. Co-authored with Kalimyre.


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