Jack and Daniel fanfiction
                            by Brionhet
Slash Fiction

:: Disconnected ::

Daniel wrestles with two serious personal dilemmas as his relationship with Jack moves into new and very uncharted territory.

In The Rough
A piece of colossally bad luck leads to disaster for SG-1.

Jack and Daniel reach a turning point.

Healing takes time and attention. 

:: Standalone Stories ::

Breaker Breaker
A little test of freedom of speech LOL!

Ummmm. Cold, then hot, then BAM! Tee hee.

Sam gets analytical, and feeds herself a dose of reality.

Through The Eye
An off world crisis makes someone think seriously about the costs of patience.

Use Me

Sam’s concerned.
Friendship Fiction

:: Daniel's Life ::

In A Name
A series of vignettes; the history of a name.

Journal: A Life
A woman, a man and an exceptional child.

:: Standalone Stories ::

Jim Jam

A little road trip and a pair of Jammies.
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