Download instructions

Each eBook costs $5 US and is purchased through PayPal.  Once you have completed your purchase, PayPal will present you with a link to the download page offering the story files in three formats:  Word, RTF and PDF.

No link to download page?

If for any reason PayPal does not present you with a link to the download page, please contact me and I will email you the necessary download links.  I usually get this done within 24 hours.

Need to download again?

I am quite happy to email you the download link for your purchased eBooks at any time.  If you missed downloading at the time you purchased, or your hard drive gets fried, or whatever, just contact me.  I’ll check my order file, then email you the download links again.

Pre-Ordered an eBook?

If you have purchased an eBook on pre-order, I will email you your download link the day the novel is published.  No further action is needed on your part.

Want a print zine?

I regret I don’t offer this service at the cost of both printing and postage are prohibitive.  The eBooks are formatted in three different document types so you can read on screen or print out: Word, RTF and PDF.

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