Jack and Daniel involved in a loving and committed relationship, which usually involves sex.
Rating: R.
Category: First Time.  Romance.  Challenge.
Season/Spoilers: Season 5.  None.
Synopsis: Alpha Gate Friday Night Fic Challenge #2: SGC Charity Slave Auction Lot #13: Dr. Daniel Jackson, linguist, archaeologist, babe.  "Somebody buy me.  Please."
Warnings: Sheer unadulterated warm fuzzies. 
Length: 12 Kb.



"Why am I…I mean…why are we…"

"In bed together?"

"Um - yes.  That."

"Nothing bad."

"Oh.  That's - that's reassuring."

"We had sex."


"That's not exactly flattering, Daniel.  Especially as I believed everything you were yelling to me that third time."



"Yelling?  I wasn't.  I - I don't!"

"You do now."

"The third time?"

"You were kind of shy the first couple of times."

"I'm not shy."

"You weren't when you kissed me, no."


"You climbed into my lap and kissed the shit out of me."


"You wouldn't let go."


"I had to carry you into the bedroom."


"Yeah.  Relax.  It was a great kiss."

"You don't mind that I…I wanted to kiss you?"

"I only mind that you didn’t until now."






"Keep doing what you're doing, Daniel, exactly what you're - mmmmm."

"What?  This?"


"Or this?"


"My pleasure."

"Mmmmm.  Daniel, Daaan - Crap!"


"How much Dutch courage had Carter poured down your neck to get you out on that podium?"

"I wasn't drunk."

"You're sure?"

"I promise."

"What's the last thing you remember?"


"Of course, honestly!  I'm starting to feel like some Harlequin stud getting the youthfully innocent heroi - er…okay, okay, forget I said that.  And take that look off your face."

"I was not drunk.  I may have been - well, you'd have been nervous too!"

"Do you remember the introduction from our extremely able auctioneer, the somewhat tartly-tongued Cassandra?"

"Dr. Daniel Jackson, linguist, archaeologist…"


"They showed a movie?  I don't remember that!"

"Take a deep, calming breath, then kiss me again.  We'll feel better."

"Not that you're trying to take advantage…"

"As if!  Do you remember what you said?"

"I talked?"


"Bleated?  You can't let that shy thing go, can you?"

"Okay, it was a breathy little whisper."


"Sexy without being in any way shy."


"You looked a lot like that too."



"I don't - mmmmm - I - mmmmmm - remember.  Did I say - mmmmmm - say anything  - Oh God!  Jack!  Jack!  Em - em - embarrassing?"

"'Somebody buy me.  Please.'"

"Oh, I didn't!  I couldn't!"

"Sorry, kid, you could and you in fact did."

"I can't believe I was so - hey!  Did I say you could stop?"

"Sorry, sorry.  That better?"


"Cool!  By the way, if it helps, I think you got five hundred bucks from the clerical pool right off for the blush alone.  And, although that thing with your fingers feels very nice, it would feel even nicer if you could slide them down just a leeeetle."



"I've been looking at you for so long.  I never thought…I was starting to give up, Jack."

"I'm sorry."

"I'm in love with you."

"I know, Danny, I know."

"You don't…I hoped..."

"Dammit!  Don't look like that, Danny, please.  Please.  I do!  I love you!  I always did!  Always."


"C'm 'ere, babe."

"That is not funny."

"I'm hot.  It doesn't matter if I am allegedly unfunny."

"You're not comfortable, either."

"You're clasped to my manly chest.  Quit criticising the accommodation and try to act all tremulous and overwhelmed.  I've got an ego, here."

"That was never in doubt."

"You're a sarcastic little shit."

"But I'm hot, too, and you love me, so it doesn't matter."

"Which reminds me.  Whose idea was it to fall in love with you?"

"Hmm.  Good question.  Who or…maybe we should be asking…what?"

"Danny!  Crap, give a guy some warning, willya?  And while you're in the neighbourhood…wiggle it.  Just a little bit."

"Actually, I do remember some of the bidding, Jack.  It's starting to come back, despite the - er - Dutch courage."

"Oh.  Er - good.  Good."

"I remember the competition heating up between SG-3 and SG-5."


"I remember Sam and Janet pooling their bids to save me."


"I remember the nursing pool sub-contracting Ferretti to his wife to paint their house and using the proceeds to help Sam and Janet."


"What I don't remember is any assistance from you."

"This means you're not going to be moving your hand any time soon, doesn't it?"

"Damn straight!  I - I remember the winning bid!"

"That sounds like an accusation."

"You should know!  My memories are growing increasingly vivid."

"Mine too."

"My ass was bought and paid for!  So?"

"Ow!  You're not supposed to lead me round by that thing literally, you know!  And whaddya mean, 'so'?  So?  So what!  Lot #13, unlucky for some."

"You are such a complacent…"

"Yet hot…"


"You know it."

"Jack!  Don't do that - How..."


"Okay, do, but answer the question.  How'd my ass wind up in bed with you?"

"Speaking of your ass…Mmmhmm!"

"Jack!  Jaa-aack.  H-how - how - ohgodJackohgod! - how - ooooooh - how - how'd you get me away from SG-11?"

"Ah, Danny, Danny.  That's a whole other story."


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