A Curse And A Blessing Series.

Prodigal Son
Daniel discovers the joys of family life when Jack takes him home to the folks in Chicago for a little TLC, O'Neill-style.

Passion Play
Jack and Daniel let go of the difficulties of the past and choose to move on with their deepening relationship together.

A Dinner Of Herbs
"Better is a dinner of herbs, where love is." Maybe Jack and Daniel don't get to have everything, but what they do have, they have together and for them, that's pretty damn good. [Revised and Completed]

Maternal Instinct
BIBLIO PHILE 2: With Kate on the case, Daniel back from the dead and Jack back in high school, plausible deniability will never be the same!

 Moments Series.

This time, Jack doesn't walk away.

At last, Jack and Daniel are home.

Working It Through
Daniel and Jack engage in a little mature communication about orgasms and other miscellaneous relationship crap.

 Owing Silence Series.

Owing Silence
Daniel has kept his silence for so long he’s not prepared for Jack to finally see him clearly.

Vanilla Sunday
Sunday in the Springs.

 Sleeping Dogs Series.

Sleeping Dogs Part One
Daniel and Jack fail to let sleeping dogs lie.

Sleeping Dogs Part Two
t's the morning after the night before and reaction is setting in.

 Starting Points Series.

It takes an interloper with designs on Daniel to finally get Jack to make his move.

Daniel's investigation into  the death of his archaeology professor leads him to Egypt and to the Goa'uld, Osiris.

General Hammond's shock resignation leads Jack to join forces with Maybourne to protect, Daniel, SG-1 and Hammond's family.

 Unity Series.

When two members of SG-1 fall in love they must strive for oneness amidst confusion, conflict and constraint with their fellows: Divide and Conquer.

When two members of SG-1 fall in love they must strive for oneness amidst confusion, conflict and constraint with their fellows: Window of Opportunity.


A warm night in the Springs and the living is easy.

A Beautiful Necessity
After seven years of being broken in, Jack is pretty much used to giving Daniel whatever he wants. Caving *works* for him. It's just that this time, what Daniel wants is Jack.

A Day's Rations
Is Daniel worth a day's rations? Jack is given exactly one day to prove Daniel is worth a lifetime to him.

A Guy Thing
Two guys in a tent

A Quiet Victory
Sometimes, simply reaching out is a victory in itself.

Accepting The Sky
BIBLIO PHILE 1: Jack and Daniel are flung clear across the universe to an alien world where the only enemy is red tape.

Accidents And Understandings
A week in the life of an arthritic colonel and a myopic linguist in pursuit of THE perfect date.

All Is Bright
Fate, fire and friendship push Daniel and Jack right to where they need to be.   A very gentle Christmas story.

Amicable Arrangement
We live, learn and love together.

Child's Play
Daniel's foray in loco parentis isn't entirely successful as a tumble into the 'fountain of youth' has Jack and Sam acting like five year olds.

Close Quarters
Trapped alone in deep space for nine weeks, what are two straight, attracted guys to do? 

Doctor Daniel Jackson is in a head-on collision with a big, honkin' clue bus.

The Comeback Kid
Jack O'Neill, obstinate Airman-Of-Steel, is annihilated by an overly honest archaeologist in a slump.

Deja Vu
When Daniel meets General O'Neill sparks fly between them.  Colonel O'Neill is frankly pissy.

What shall we do with a bashful linguist?

Devil's Advocate
When Daniel's belief in himself and his place in the team are shaken to the core, can Jack help him find his true voice again?

Jack and Daniel are forced to masquerade as lovers on a covert mission to infiltrate a Goa'uld pleasure palace.  They find themselves living the role.

Everything Is Illuminated
BIBLIO PHILE 3: When Jack decides he wants Daniel more than he wants the Stargate, some bridges are burned and some bridges are built.

Daniel and Jack learn - and teach - difficult lessons in honesty and faithfulness.  Follows events in The Curse and Double Jeopardy.

Jack challenges Daniel to prove that he isn't an arrant flirt at an SGC reception packed with resourceful, determined admirers.

Jack does it better than Jim...

Folie A Deux
When words only seem to get in the way, do actions speak louder than thoughts, hopes and dreams?  Or is madness truly shared by two?

Full Circle
Jack and Daniel have to come full circle before they can truly connect.

The Getting Of Wisdom
Daniel gets a swim coach and Jack gets hit by a big, honkin' clue bus steered by one very pissed Jaffa.

Everything Jack needs is right before his eyes.

Hidden In Plain Sight
Love and friendship, affection and attraction, all bound up in ambiguity and sublimation.  An episode tag for "Divide And Conquer".

Repairing their friendship leads Daniel and Jack into seduction.

The arrival of the Harsesis child causes both Jack and Daniel to see themselves - and each other  - in a completely different light.  Based around Absolute Power and The Light.  Written with PhoenixE.

In Vino Veritas
In wine is truth, and in sobriety, consequences.

Joy To The World
So kiss me. (Warm Christmas Fuzzies.) 

Judging the Book
In desperation, Jack steals an opportunity with Daniel he never imagined taking.  An episode tag for "Window of Opportunity".

The King Of Wishful Thinking
The morning after Christmas...

Leap Of Faith
Jack and Daniel are poised on the edge.  A missing scene for The Light.  Written with PhoenixE

Light of Day
Bathed in flattering moonlight, love is easy.  Can it survive the cold light of day?

The Lotus-Eaters
His mind overwhelmed by a mysterious alien influence, Jack takes irrevocable action which will change his relationship with Daniel forever.

Jack takes an unexpected trip to Ellensville.

The Need To Know
Just your average ho-hum testosterone-fuelled pissing contest, in which both guys get regrettably hot under the collar.

Nothing Important Happened Today
Daniel and Jack find it's the little things that take them by surprise in this tentative new relationship of theirs.

Not Your Obvious Cupid, Certainly
A little advice goes a very long way.

Once More With Feeling
Two Jacks. One Daniel. Honesty Ensues.  Based on "Fragile Balance."

Pearls Are For His Eyes
Silence is not consent. Daniel has been silent for too long and about far more than Jack ever knew.

Pro Tempore
Jonah's passion for Carlin forces Jack and Daniel to finally face what their relationship really is.  "Pro tempore," from the Latin, meaning "For the time being."  An episode tag for "Beneath The Surface".

Seize The Day
[Alternate Universe]
When a passionate, idealistic young English archaeologist meets his cynical, aggravating American patron, more than cultures clash.

Sharing Breath
Sometimes life gives you exactly what you want when you least expect it.

Signs And Wonders
Love. For Jack and Daniel, it's contradictory and unexplainable. Damned if they know what to do with it.

Slow Burn
Requisitions.  Homicidal jealousy.  Surveillance.  Interrogation.  Intrigue.  Nausea.  Trees.  Alleged waiters with attitude.  Alarums, excursions and al fresco molestation.  The ‘compensatory’ nature of cars.  How not to manuals.  Typical first date.

Stealing Minnesota
One little white lie…and some home truths.

With Jack near death and all pretence stripped away, will he and Daniel admit at last they're on the same path and move on together?  An episode tag for "Tangent".

That Was Then
Sneaky?  Underhanded?  Manipulative?  Jack?  Noooo!  Falling for it?  Falling for Jack?  Daniel?  Maybe…

Their Lonely Betters
When Jack is finally certain of Daniel's love, he reaches for more than friendship.

Three's Company
In every reality where Robert Rothman dies, Jack O'Neill will never get to know what he - and schnapps - can do to Daniel Jackson.

Jack is just a man with a one-ass mind.

Unlucky For Some
SGC Charity Slave Auction Lot #13: Dr. Daniel Jackson, linguist, archaeologist, babe.  "Somebody buy me.  Please."

We Practise To Deceive
Can two wrongs really make a right? When Sam pushes Jack to the edge of his control, an unsuspecting Daniel takes the consequences.

World Enough, And Time
When Jack can't let Daniel go, the world changes forever around them.  An alternate reality novel in
15 chapters.

The World In Changes
When Jack says "No" to Daniel, he means "I need you."  An episode tag for Stargate: Atlantis premiere "Rising."


A little Absolute Power inspired humour
Top twenty tips for the unusually realistic evil overlord: Doctor Daniel Jackson

A little more Absolute Power inspired humour
Top twenty survival tips for the evil overlord's captive sexual plaything: Colonel Jack O'Neill

Commanding Daniel
A Top Secret SGC Memorandum in which Colonel Jack O'Neill shares his experiences of commanding Doctor Daniel Jackson in the field (or anywhere else for that matter).  Written with PhoenixE.

Commanding Daniel: A Rebuttal
Colonel O'Neill's Top Secret Memorandum regrettably fell into enemy hands.  Collusion is suspected.  Doctor Daniel Jackson has penned a vigorous and articulate point by point rebuttal. Written with PhoenixE.

Um ~ about Jack
Transcript of SGC Security covert surveillance operation 'Spacemonkey'. Written with PhoenixE.

Prodigal Son
Jack takes Daniel to his parents' home in Chicago to recuperate from his traumatic encounter with Osiris.  A tag for The Curse.  Original version - gen.

Moving On
Both Daniel and Jack have learned the true cost of commitment and of friendship.

Silence Speaks
A tag for Threshold.  Words left unsaid weigh heavily on Daniel.


Present Imperfect
Inspired by the terrible events of 'Meridian'


Artful Divas homepage
Jack and Daniel slash and friendship screencaptures and desktops


The Best Thing by Boom Crash Opera
Inspired by Daniel Jackson's love affair with his Stargate...

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