Keeping Jack Happy by babs
Slash:  Jack and Daniel involved in a loving and committed relationship, which usually involves sex.
Rating: PG-13.
Category: Challenge.  Established Relationship.
Season/Spoilers: Season 5.
Synopsis: Daniel visits a slightly loopy Jack in the infirmary
Warnings:  Not much of a plot--not any really. And talk of bare Danny toes. And sorry, no sex in this one. Use your imaginations! 
Length:  12Kb

Keeping Jack Happy by babs

"Sorry," Daniel Jackson put out his hands to catch the nurse he'd just bumped into, saving her a spill on the infirmary floor. "Are you okay, Cindy? Did I hurt you?"

"I'm fine. Thank you, Dr. Jackson." Lt. Cindy Carruthers looked away quickly.


"Dr. Frasier is with Colonel O'Neill, Dr. Jackson. You can go back." She smiled up at him briefly before scurrying off.

Daniel stood motionless a moment, watching Cindy hurry into the lab. He could have sworn there were tears in her eyes. Cindy was one of his favorite nurses from all the times he'd spent in the infirmary. After his appendectomy, she'd been there as he came out from the anesthesia talking to him calmly, keeping him grounded when he'd been disoriented. She was invariably soothing. Daniel frowned and went down the hall to the small private cubicle where Jack was recovering. The sound of Janet Frasier's raised voice gave him an idea of just why Cindy might be crying.

"And furthermore, Colonel O'Neill, if you ever, I repeat, ever,insult or yell at any of my staff again, I will personally oversee your transfer to the Academy Hospital. It is not Lt. Carruther's fault that you got hurt. It is not Lt. Carruther's fault that you feel miserable. It is Lt. Carruther's job to administer your medication whether or not you like it, and she will do so. Despite your comments to the contrary, Lt. Carruthers is a good nurse, an excellent nurse, in fact. For you to intimate that I would accept less than adequate staff is not only an insult to her but to me as well."

Daniel peeked in the doorway, seeing a very miserable Jack, looking everywhere but at Janet whose face had become flushed with her tirade. As quickly as her temper had flared, Janet's voice softened.

"Colonel, I know you don't want to be here. I realize that, but you will be remaining here for the next few days. Please work with me here, and let my staff do their job." She reached out and patted Jack's shoulder. Daniel heard the sigh from his vantage point. "Refusing pain medication is not the way to get well, sir." Janet said quietly. "So, I'm going to give you the shot you wouldn't let Lt. Carruthers give you and then you're going to get some rest. We have a deal?"

Jack nodded and studied the thin blanket covering his legs. A tightening of his lips was the only sign that Janet had administered the medication.

Daniel moved away from the doorway, hoping Jack hadn't seen him. He heard Janet's good night to Jack and snagged her arm as she turned into the hall.

"Daniel?" Janet stopped and looked at him in concern. "Is something wrong?"

He gestured towards Jack's door, keeping his voice low, "I..umm...ran into Cindy and then, well, I didn't mean to, but I kind of overheard your conversation with Jack."

Janet patted his arm as if he was a small child, "Come with me, Daniel. Let's have a cup of coffee and I'll fill you in on Colonel O'Neill."

Daniel balked. He looked worriedly at Jack's door. "I should, you know, be with him."

"Give him a little time, Daniel." Janet gently tugged on his arm and he followed obediently. After all, a cup of coffee was a cup of coffee.

Daniel leaned back in one of Janet's office chairs and curled his fingers around the mug she'd handed him. "So, Janet..."

"I'm going to release Colonel O'Neill tomorrow evening." Janet smiled and raised a finger. "As long as he keeps showing improvement, and provided you will be available."

Daniel felt his mouth go dry, despite the mouthful of coffee he'd just taken, "Available?"

"There is no way that I'm sending Colonel O'Neill home without someone to watch over him." Janet explained. "He's going to be quite stiff and sore for the next week at least, but mild or even moderate exercise won't hurt him. Her brown eyes drilled into Daniel's. "Do you understand me, Doctor Jackson?"

Daniel smiled, the load of worry he'd felt the past few days lightening, "I understand you perfectly, Doctor Fraiser." He finished his coffee in two big gulps. "I should probably go to Jack."

"I'll walk with you." Janet put her own mug down and picked up a chart. "He really will be okay, Daniel. I'm only keeping him here to make sure he takes the painkillers on a regular basis for a few days at least. Colonel O'Neill has a strange notion that taking something for pain means he's less of a man. He wouldn't have gotten decent rest otherwise. I'll let you battle it out with him when you take him home, but at least he's gotten two days quality sleep by being here."

Daniel nodded at Janet's words. He'd once taken Jack home after a mission and insisted Jack take the painkillers that Janet had given them both. Jack had taken a tumble down a steep hill with Daniel following closely behind him and had wrenched his knee. Daniel wasn't in much better shape with some nice big bruises on his shoulder and his back from when he'd stopped by rolling full force into Jack's knee. All Daniel wanted, especially since Janet hadn't made either of them stay in the infirmary after being checked out, was to go home, take the pain pill and collapse into bed. He hadn't expected Jack's reaction. Jack had fought him tooth and nail insisting he didn't need any medication, that he could handle it. Daniel knew full well how Jack handled pain--loudly and he also knew he wasn't capable of listening to it in his current state.

"Just take the damn pill, Jack." Daniel had finally exploded, feeling guilty the moment the words left his mouth. "Please," he'd added softly.

Jack had looked at him with hurt in his eyes and downed the medication with a grimace. "You're going to be sorry, Daniel." He'd mumbled.

Daniel had gotten very little sleep that night. The muscle relaxant relaxed far more than the muscles in Jack's leg. Jack had talked and talked. He'd talked about past missions and how much he loved Daniel and woke him up repeatedly to tell him something else he'd thought of.

Daniel hesitated at the doorway to Jack's cubicle. "Janet?"

"You can tell him I'm springing him tomorrow," she smiled. "And don't stay all night, Daniel. You need to get some rest too. I'm sure you'll need it once the colonel is released."

Daniel nodded. "General Hammond's put us on stand down for the rest of the week." He caught Janet's arm as she turned to go, "And Janet, thank you."

"You're welcome, Daniel." She waved as she hurried down the hall as an alarm sounded summoning medical personnel to the Gate room.

"Daniel?" Jack sounded pitiful and turned soulful brown eyes towards him as he approached the bed. "You finally come to visit me?"

"Yes, Jack." Daniel hooked a chair with his foot and pulled it closer so he could sit, not comfortably, but at least sit by Jack's bed. "I tried to get away earlier but General Hammond needed me to give a crash course in Ruannan etiquette to SG-9 before they left. I'm sorry I couldn't get here sooner."

"Ruanna?" Jack rubbed a hand over his forehead. "The place we had to go barefoot most everywhere?"

"That's it, Jack." Daniel rubbed the back of Jack's other hand with his fingers. "How you feeling?"

"Not too bad. I could go home now if Doc would let me." Jack turned on his side to face Daniel. He let out a grunt of pain as he moved abused muscles.

"Janet said you can come home tomorrow evening." Daniel smiled. "How about you let relax and let those painkillers get to work?"

"I didn't want to take them, Daniel." Jack rubbed at his eyes, sleepily. "I hate to."

"I know, Jack." Daniel soothed. "But it's okay. We're all safe. No one else was even hurt." He moved closer and massaged Jack's scalp, smiling as Jack closed his eyes. "It's okay to let go. You did a good job getting us back home safe and sound."

"Uh huh." Jack murmured, then he looked up at Daniel again. "Danny?"

"I'll stay until you fall asleep, Jack. And even after, okay?" Daniel kept his voice low, trying to lull Jack into a more relaxed state.

"You know what, Daniel?" Jack was grinning. "I like your bare feet."

"Thank you, Jack." Daniel smiled back. "Your feet are nice too."

"No, no. I really, really mean it. I like your bare feet. They're so.. so..cute."

Daniel squirmed in embarrassment. 'Please, don't let any nurse come walking in here until Jack's asleep.'

"Take your shoes off." Jack ordered and struggled to sit up. He fell back in the bed with a groan. "Take them off." He insisted.

"I am *not* taking my shoes off in the middle of the infirmary."

"Please?" Jack nearly whined. "I've been stuck in here for two days and you hardly even visited."

"I was busy, Jack. You know that. And I'm still not taking my shoes off."

"You don't love me," Jack turned away from Daniel with a groan.

"Oh for crying out loud, Jack. Great, now I'm channeling you." Daniel pulled on Jack's shoulder. "Come on, you know this is just the meds talking. Besides," he leaned close to whisper, " you know we have to be careful on base."

"I miss your toes, Danny." Jack made a face. "Will you take your shoes off tomorrow?"

Daniel shook his head in exasperation. He hoped he never had to deal with a drunken Jack. "Yes, I'll take them off tomorrow." He raised a finger as Jack opened his mouth to speak. "When we get home." Jack continued watching him. "And I'll go barefoot the whole week if it'll keep you happy."

Jack gave him a sweet smile. "I love you, Danny. I love your toes, too. But not just your toes. All of you, you know."

"I know, Jack." Daniel coughed to hide the laugh he felt building. "Now how about you try to get some sleep? And then before you know it, it'll be tomorrow and you can come home with me and my toes."

"That'll be nice, Daniel." Jack closed his eyes obediently.

Daniel relaxed a fraction, sitting back and closing his own eyes and popped them open seconds later at a plaintive, "Daniel?"

"Yes, Jack." Daniel leaned forward, his forehead almost touching Jack's.

"My feet hurt." Jack looked up at him hopefully. "All this talk about toes and feet reminded me."

Daniel moved to the end of the bed. "How about if I rub them for you? Maybe that'll help."

"You're too good for me, Danny." Jack whispered.

"I don't know. I think I've gotten a pretty good bargain." Daniel began rubbing Jack's feet keeping up a slow rhythm that he hoped would lull the other man to sleep.

"General Hammond's given us the rest of the week off. Maybe we could drive up to Rocky Mountain National Park for a day or two. Or we could go down to Mesa Verde. We haven't been there in awhile. I think we need to get away from here for awhile. What do you think?" Daniel kept his voice low as he finished his slow massage. He kept his hands still, but didn't move from his position at the end of the bed. Daniel smiled and began to move back towards his chair.

"I think that my feet still hurt. And anyways, how are we going to go all those places if you promised to be barefoot?" Jack grumbled, then he brightened. "Hey I know you can wear those sandals. A little less talk and a little more action, Daniel." Jack wiggled his toes to catch Daniel's attention.

Daniel sighed and sat on the end of the bed, pulling Jack's feet into his lap. "I think I can provide plenty when we get home. How's that sound, Jack?" Daniel grinned up at his lover. "Jack?" Daniel bent down and placed a kiss on Jack's toes. Jack never even stirred. "You know what, Jack?" Daniel whispered to his sleeping lover. "I think your toes are pretty damn cute, too."

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