Jack And The Jammies by babs
Slash:  Jack and Daniel involved in a loving and committed relationship, which usually involves sex.
Rating: PG-13.
Category: Challenge.  Established Relationship.  PWP..
Season/Spoilers: Season 5.
Synopsis: Daniel, Jack, moose pajamas.
Warnings: Sex, alpha Daniel, and cuteness.
Length:  10Kb

Jack And The Jammies by babs

Daniel stepped out of the shower sure that Jack's water bill was going to be a little higher than usual this month. He finally felt almost warm. Spending the better part of the day standing knee deep in mud and water, trying to decipher the strange writings of a temple on alien world was definitely not a mission he cared to repeat. Daniel shivered as the cool air of the bathroom hit his wet skin. He dried off quickly and reached out for his usual sweat pants and T-shirt while he rubbed the towel over his wet hair with one hand. Daniel dropped the towel in surprise as his hand met, not the smooth jersey knit of his most comfortable sweat pants but the fuzziness of flannel. His eyes widened in surprise as he saw what was hanging on the hook on the back of the bathroom door.

"JACK!" Daniel yelled. "Get in here this instant!"

Jack came to the door far more quickly than usual, his grin indicating that he was way too pleased with himself. "You called, Dr. Jackson?"

"What am I supposed to do with these?" Daniel gestured to the red flannel pajamas liberally decorated with moose.

"Usually people wear pajamas, Daniel. What did you learn in college anyway?" Jack snickered and moved closer, pulling the pajamas off the hook.

"I am not wearing those... those..." Daniel waved a dismissive hand, "just because you want me to satisfy your flannel fetish." He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist.

"You have goose bumps." Jack moved closer waving the pajamas like a bullfighter's cape. "Doc Fraiser will have my hide if you get sick."

"I can think of other ways to stay warm." Daniel took a step towards Jack, one hand coming up to rest on Jack's chest. "And none of them involve flannel pajamas."

"No?" Jack's voice came out in a strangled whisper.

"Oh no, not in the least."

Daniel advanced another step and pushed Jack against the bathroom door, unbuttoning Jack's chinos. He kissed Jack's throat as he slowly unzipped Jack's pants. "How about this?" He whispered softly as his hand closed around Jack's cock and began a slow, rhythmic stroking.

"Umm...Daniel...." Jack grabbed Daniel's shoulders. "I'm not the one who was cold."

Daniel was concentrating on leisurely unbuttoning Jack's shirt. He didn't bother trying to get it off, just pushed the fabric aside and lightly scraped a nipple with his teeth. He smiled against Jack's chest as he felt his lover shudder in anticipation.

"Don't know, Jack. That felt like a shiver to me." He blew softly over skin he'd just licked ever so slightly, noticing with satisfaction as goose bumps rose. "You sure you're not cold?"

"God, Daniel!" Jack arched his back against the door as Daniel swirled his tongue further and further down his abdomen.

"Definitely cold, Jack. You have goose bumps, too." Daniel looked up at Jack from his kneeling position on the floor. "You should probably go to bed and wrap up in a blanket or something." He gave an almost feral grin as Jack's hands tangled in his hair.

"I'll...I'll take...the...someth...holy shit, Daniel," Jack gasped as Daniel's mouth closed just over the tip of his cock.

Daniel savored the taste of Jack, salt and musk and soap. He handled Jack as carefully as he would one of his artifacts, aware of the precious gift he'd been given. Although, Daniel mused in one of those odd thoughts that sometimes popped into his head at inopportune times, it wasn't as if he ever knelt on the floor with one of those in his mouth. The very image of him just trying that caused him to let out a small huff of laughter, the air escaping in a rush.

"Oh God, Danny." Jack's hips shivered under Daniel's hands.

Daniel turned his attention fully back to the task at hand. He blew lightly once again and was rewarded with that same shudder.

"Like that, do you?" Daniel stopped his ministrations and tilted his head back to observe Jack.

Jack was braced against the door, his head thrown back. Daniel couldn't see from his angle, but he figured Jack's eyes were tightly closed. Jack's one hand was gripping the counter while his other hand dug into Daniel's shoulder.

"Dan..." The hand on Daniel's shoulder loosened slightly and Jack moved his head to look at Daniel. "I hope..." He gulped in air, desperately trying to catch his breath. "I hope you're planning on finishing this little experiment."

"Yeahsure, youbetcha." Daniel smiled. He bent forward once again and blew teasingly.

"For crying out loud, Daniel, haven't you tortured me enough?" Jack's voice was breathless, edging higher. "I promise you don't ever have to look at those pajamas again."

"Well, since you're promising that..."

Daniel moved in to complete the task he'd begun. He was vaguely aware of Jack's small moans as he used his tongue to explore every inch of Jack's cock, all his attention concentrated on the feel, the taste, the heat, the very aliveness of Jack. He heard a loud "Daniel," as Jack came trembling convulsively. He rocked back on his heels and gave a weak smile as Jack bent down to kiss the top of Daniel's head.

"Thank you," Jack whispered.

"You're very, very welcome," Daniel replied, just beginning to register the cold tile of Jack's bathroom floor.

"So, Daniel, I guess we'd better hop in that shower again." Jack grinned.

"Umm...yeah." Daniel suddenly seemd to find the pattern in the tile very interesting.


"Yes, Jack?" Daniel muttered.

"Shower?" Daniel looked back up to see Jack making a little walking motion with his fingers.

"Um, Jack? I seem to have a little problem here." He sighed as he watched Jack raise a questioning eyebrow. "Okay, um, well, it, okay..." He took a big breath. "I'm kinda stuck."

"Stuck?" Jack's eyebrows went higher.

"Yes, Jack, stuck. As in, my knees aren't going to let me get up without some help from you." Daniel said it in one long breath.

"I thought I was the one with the dodgy knees?" Jack grunted as he helped Daniel up from the floor. "God, Daniel, you'd better lay off the dessert for a while."

"I thought you wanted to take a shower?" Daniel turned on the faucet and stepped into the tub. "Although I don't know if you think there's room for both of us." He turned his back on Jack to hide his smile.

"Ah, Danny, you know I was only kidding." Jack wrapped his arms around Daniel's waist. "Besides, there's just more of you to love."

"Lucky you, then," Daniel began to lather up.

"You are beautiful, you know." Jack said between the kisses he was placing on Daniel's shoulder.

"Jack, I'm a man. Men aren't beautiful," Daniel said practically.

"You are." Jack took over the lathering duties across Daniel's back, causing him to arch into Jack's massaging fingers.

"That feels good."

"You know, Daniel," Jack paused before moving his hands lower, "I should probably rub some Ben-Gay into your knees. It'll help."

"Yeah, probably." Daniel closed his eyes and relaxed as Jack's strong fingers hit a particularly sore spot in his lower back.

"And you know, you really should cover up with something warm to help hold the heat in," Jack continued.

Daniel let out a long sigh. "What? Like red flannel pajamas with black moose on them?"

"Well, now that you mention it," Jack drawled, "yeah, something like that."

"What is it with you and those pajamas, Jack?" Daniel threw up his hands spraying them both with lather. He knew he was doomed the minute the soap bubbles hit his nose. The sneeze exploded out of him.

"See, I told you you were going to get sick when you insisted on spending a day in that ditch." Jack was busy grabbing towels and starting to dry them both off. "But do you ever listen? No, I'm just your CO. What do I know about anything?"

Daniel put a hand out and gave his very best diplomatic smile. "Jack, okay, you win. I'll wear the pajamas but what do I get in return?" he asked, the smile turning just a little bit wicked.

Daniel scooted back from the edge of the bed, further into Jack's loose embrace. He wrinkled his nose as the strong smell of menthol drifted up from the vicinity of his knees. But he had to admit, they did feel somewhat better. And...he was warm, nice and warm. The pajamas captured the heat not only of his body, but also of Jack's.

Jack's right arm lay loosely over his waist. One of Jack's legs had insinuated itself between his. Daniel closed his eyes and lay there, feeling Jack's breath hit the back of his neck with a slow easy rhthym. Jack muttered an indistinct word and tugged Daniel closer, a hand moved slightly over Daniel's flannel covered abdomen, and Daniel felt a still asleep Jack nuzzling his neck. He moved his hand to cover Jack's, tangling their fingers, feeling calluses and a small scrape and the fine hair that covered the back of Jack's hand. He heard Jack give a little gasp as he came partially awake.

"It's okay, Jack," Daniel whispered, "I'm here." Jack twisted his hand out of Daniel's and Daniel smiled as Jack rubbed a small circle on the flannel. Jack's rubbing soon stopped, his hand lying lax across Daniel's waist once more.

Daniel let himself drift, feeling warm and infinitely cherished. Maybe red flannel pajamas with black moose weren't such a bad idea after all. And maybe, just maybe, they'd become his favorite sleepwear as long as Jack came with them.

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