Jack and Daniel fanfiction
                            by babs
Slash Fiction
A Beautiful Light
Christmas brings some realizations to Jack

The Beauty Of Ordinary Things

Daniel muses about his job, Jack reflects on Daniel.

Better Late Than Never
A belated birthday celebration gives Daniel a present he adores

Bright, Shining Star
A tragedy on a mission threatens to destroy Jack.

But Now I See
An accident opens Daniel's eyes to the truth.

By The Numbers
Sam feels guilty for an injury Daniel receives on a mission.

Linguist in leather/Colonel in crisis. Jack discovers Daniel has a secret passion.

Driving Lessons
A chance encounter with a woman from his past makes Jack remember some painful times

Facing The Waves 
Jack realizes just how much he loves Daniel after nearly losing him. 

Faded Memories
Keeping memories alive.

Finding Christmas
Jack finds Christmas off world.

Goodbye to Dreams
What would you do for the one you love?  Jack and Daniel take a jourey to discover the answer to that question.
Co-written with devra.

Grace For The Moment
When Jack gets bad news, Daniel comforts him.

Guardians of the Heart
While Jack is away Sam takes care of Daniel.
Co-written with devra.

Home Fires Burning
No one should ever be alone for Christmas.

I Heart You
Memories of Valentines past.

I Heart You, Too
Jack finds out about Daniel’s first Valentine.

Jack And The Jammies
Daniel, Jack, moose pajamas.

Keeping Jack Happy 
Daniel visits a slightly loopy Jack in the infirmary

A Light In The Darkness
Teal'c realizes some things about Daniel Jackson.

The Little Things
Jack contemplates how completely Daniel's taken over his life.

The Luck Of The Draw
SGC Charity Auction Lot Number 13: Dr. Daniel Jackson, archaeologist, linguist, babe.

No Place Like Home
Daniel longs for home.

Of Love And Loss
A visit to an alien world has Daniel remembering the losses in his life.

One Sunrise
Jack watches the sunrise and realizes what he has.

Packing The Past
Jack finds out why Daniel has a suitcase in his office

Put on Perfection
Jack and Daniel have a perfect day.

Rock Solid
Daniel worries that he's getting old. 

The Scent Of Memory
You know how there are certain scents you always remember? Daniel does. 

The Second Thursday Of The Month
Daniel has a secret appointment. Jack finds out what it is.

A Small Dose of Courage
Daniel's perceived falure on a mission has him doubting his abilities.

Something that We Do
Jack takes care of a sick Daniel.

Tears for the Innocents
Jack helps Daniel after a traumatic mission.

Welcome Home
Jack visits an overcaffeinated, overtired Daniel.

What is Essential
Daniel's world is turned upside down when Jack is brutally murdered before his eyes until a trip to another planet sends his world spinning once more.
Co-written with JoaG

Who Loves The Rain
Offworld rainstorm, Jack, Daniel, 'nuff said.

The Word is Stay
Daniel needs an operation, Jack is there for him.

Friendship Fiction
The aftermath of a suicide (don’t worry, nobody you know) 

The Box Of Dreams
Childhood dreams come true.

More Precious Than Gold
Daniel’s surviving teammates are falling apart without him: They need him back. 

Piano Lessons
Memories of the past.

The Silences Between
Jack and Daniel on the beach.

The Start of Something Beautiful
A tag and missing scene for Chidlren of the Gods, Broca Divide

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